Do you ever think about what impact a small action can have? When I do, I become overwhelmed thinking about the changes I would have to make. I feel I have to change everything immediately if I don’t like it.
What would happen if instead I would take a moment, breathe, and then simply observe? No rash decisions,no changes made on impulse.
What would I learn about myself? Maybe I would find the reason why I am doing certain things, again and again. Maybe I could accept that right now this behavior is a habit that is not good for me. A routine that I keep repeating because it is easy in the moment, that somehow fills a need in the present but the long term consequences are not beneficial to me.
I could be more mindful and then consciously choose an action instead of being ruled by desires.

Post Author: Karin Goldgruber

Karin Goldgruber writes about life as a Highly Sensitive Person HSP, how to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm and how to find authentic answers to your life questions.
She is a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive People who experience problems in their relationship because of this innate trait.
As a Highly Sensitive Person herself she has overcome many challenges and obstacles and encourages and empowers others to do the same.
She helps people to step away from feelings of Stress and Overwhelm and step into Emotional Freedom.

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