All empowerment must start with self-love practice. 

Discover yourself, be proud of your essence, focus on what you can change, and keep learning and evolving. Design your self-love routine. Make the proper pauses during your daily routine to give your brain, body, and soul the rest they need to be recharged and keep working creatively. Define your concept of happiness! Learn techniques and affirmations that can help your system be balanced.

    Every woman has an exceptional shine that comes from her inner beauty (talents, gifts, skills, strengths, values).

Once you identify who you are, what you are good at, what you want, what your core values are, where you are, and what you need, the track is more comfortable to achieve your goals and dreams; building positive relations, or having the resonance you expect from your environment.  However, can we answer those questions? Unfortunately, not. Why can´t we see the right way? Why do we get blocked? How can we identify our natural talent? All of us need help. This is valid! Do not hesitate to raise your hand and ask for support.

    Women empowerment can be easier if society considers redesigning the roles of gender for its growth and development.

Guapalita supports the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 promoted by the United Nations, particularly gender equality. We urge to redesign our society´s mindset to transform the gender norms and achieve a better gender perspective. Our program G2G is a real example of how an institution can build standards, systems, and projects based on the foundation of providing equal opportunities for success for both genders. Would you like to become an agent of change in your community? Learn more and be involved!

    Empowerment means emotions, ideas, and actions (Heart- Mind-Body Cycle).
    Every human being is here to evolve. We are called to be in constant motion and development. Hence, we are responsible for our performance and evolution. What is that idea, vision, or dream that only by thinking of it makes your eyes bright and your heart jump? A new lifestyle? A dream job or a new project? Starting your own business?  Developing a new skill? Acquiring new learning? Or planning a trip into an exotic place? Your dreams can come true if that goal is SMART! But remember you have to make an action plan! Start now!

      An empowered mind is positive, resilient, and sustainable. Apply positive psychology!

    Positive thinking boosts our creativity, optimism, and openness. Staying in a positive-emotional status brings an extensive list of benefits and advantages to keep ourselves mentally and physically powerful. It helps to undo the physiological impact of negative emotions (e.g., cortisol decrease, skin health, regular heart rate); strengthens our capacity of overcoming in spite of terrible circumstances and unexpected challenges (resilience); and guides us to use the resources we had at our hand for our continuous development (sustainability).

    Finding your way might not be easy, but once you have the control of your own compass, there is nothing that can stop you.

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