Welcome to Guapalita Women Empowerment, a platform that enjoys sharing knowledge with women and friends around the world. Our goal is to create content and make projects that can help more people to develop a broader gender perspective in their communities, organizations, and teams.

Committed since mid-2017 with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the Women Empowerment Principles, Guapalita has been maturing with the voluntary cooperation of authors, coaches, professionals, trainers, and experts from America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The global-collaborator team is passionate about sharing their knowledge, experience, and guidance through articles, webinars, and online meetings that can offer “ways” to enrich the human being´s life.

As global citizens we know there are still many efforts to do in terms of gender equality and we realize it is urgent to develop leadership skills in more and more women, especially the young generation. For us, supporting young women´s leadership is crucial to challenge social norms, tackle the roots of sexism, and transform organizational structures to promote equality.

We love intersectional leadership! Hence, we believe starting open conversations about what feminist leadership should be is a wonderful step to make an introspection about our own behavior and biases; understand local group needs, and propose action plans.

Do these words make “resonance” in your body, mind, or soul? Then, you have found your tribe!

Meanwhile, receive our positive vibes!

Aydeli Rios
CEO & Founder

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