Guapalita is an organized group of professionals committed to promoting equality for all; raising awareness of the need to redesign gender norms for transformative SOCIAL CHANGE.
Our commitment is to develop and empower a NEW GENERATION of leaders who contribute to having more inclusive, secure, and equitable organizations, institutions, and communities.

We are thrilled to share with our Global Community that our “Feminine Leadership Competencies towards 2030” will have its pilot test on March and April 2022! in which a group of women will learn about concepts and practical studies regarding areas such:
– Self-Assessment
– Communication
– Digital Skills
– Creative Thinking
– Inclusiveness
All topics are prepared by experts and presented in a very easy and intuitive way.

We thank our partner WSD- World Speech Day for supporting GSWV – Gugs Sisters With Voices while waiting to re-schedule the Leadership program with the group of local ladies in South Africa.

If you would know more about this program to be implemented in your community or to be part of this amazing journey, contact us —

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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. – Universal Declaration of Human Rights.