While I was driving in Toronto I read Imagine, Innovate and Disrupt on a banner.

Those three words jumped out.

 I quickly jotted them down. Immediately I thought about the word disrupt. It kind of shocked me. 

Why disrupt? Disruptive feels like a negative word.  

How does disrupt fit in with words like imagine and innovate? It doesn’t seem to, at all.

I started to think about those three words. I had expected create to be the third word. 

I thought about how imagination ushers in something new, a new way of thinking, of doing things. 

New ideas always shift old ways of doing. They disrupt the flow, change it. When I look at disrupt from that angle it seems to be the logical next step to imagine and innovate.

Our old ways of thinking and believing are disrupted, disturbed when we imagine something bold, different and then innovate, bringing in something new. Our goal should be to disrupt old ways of thinking, believing and working.


Post Author: Karin Goldgruber

Karin Goldgruber writes about life as a Highly Sensitive Person HSP, how to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm and how to find authentic answers to your life questions.
She is a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive People who experience problems in their relationship because of this innate trait.
As a Highly Sensitive Person herself she has overcome many challenges and obstacles and encourages and empowers others to do the same.
She helps people to step away from feelings of Stress and Overwhelm and step into Emotional Freedom.

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