By Aydeli Ríos

Your empowerment must start with something fundamental: loving yourself. Boost daily your self-esteem by keeping in mind these six recommendations:

1. Discover yourself 
Remember you have been made exceptionally unique. There is no one like you in the whole world. You have your talent, skills, and competencies. If you haven´t realized, start analyzing who you are. Discover your potential! What are you good at? What is easy for you to do? What are you usually recognized for? Start mind mapping your ideas and build your talent catalog. Isn´t it sound great? Be aware of the resources you have and if there is something you still don´t have in your portfolio, then take actions!

2. Focus on what you can change
Don´t waste time on facts that you can´t change, for instance, your height or skin color. Accept yourself with your given attributes and focus on what you can change; for example, your skills and knowledge. Do you think you need to learn more about a specific topic? Is it necessary to develop a new ability to become more competent? Education is in the 21st century an excellent option to invest in achieving a personal change. And what is the best, knowledge and information is simply at our hand due to the digitalization era. Millions of users around the world attend e-classes, webinars, and courses anytime. There are plenty of valuable contents and tutorials at your disposition. However, nothing of this can result in success if you don´t pay attention to a crucial aspect: your ATTITUDE! This key factor makes a difference. The way you see all the episodes of your life can have great affection in it.  Do not boycott yourself; stay optimistic and positive in spite of tough-life challenges.

3. You are not perfect
Loving yourself means self-acceptance. Don´t look after having total control and perfectionism; this will make your life unhealthy.  Do not get saturated doing many things at once or demanding high results to those around you. You can always dream high but remember to take small steps every time. Always choose healthy life-approaches; includes a strategy that can allow you to have a balanced life. And please accept mistakes in your journey. Failures are necessary to develop and have all species of this planet experience evolution.

4. Be proud of your past success
When you feel off and think you are not good enough, go directly to your passive brain and pick those memories from your past that made you feel incredible when achieving success. Where were you? What did you do? What did you get? Who was with you? How did you think? How do you feel now after remembering that moment? Would you like to repeat the experience? Or do you want even to go higher this time?
Reflecting on our past achievements is a great way to activate our positive emotions. Find the way to stay self-motivated by feeling proud of what you have done, achieved or changed. Take a few minutes for going to the past and revive the emotions of that beautiful episode of your life. Remember positive vibrations contribute to stamina building. The Nobel Literature Prize, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, used to state, “Life is not how we live it, but how we remember it to tell it.”

5. Make a list of your core values and make positive affirmations
What are those values that make you feel proud of yourself? Honesty, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, pride, perseverance, resilience? Which one makes you different from the rest? Once you make your list, think about those moments in your life where you applied them. A single mother who had to experience the separation of her partner and continued her life with no support at all most probably should be proud of her integrity, responsibility, and resilience to carry her children´s life by her own. After this alignment  (value and experience), then you can elaborate your affirmations: “I am a resilient woman and know how to find the way toward my success and my family´s.” Write it and repeat it. Let your inner voice speak to you and boost your self-confidence.

6. Keep socially involved
Do not isolate yourself, go out, and live with more people. Keeping a social link contributes to your optimism. Interaction with people allows expanding your vision about everything in your personal or professional life. Give yourself the chance to listen to different opinion and ideas, meet different cultures, learn from their experiences, and even share your own. But attention! That doesn´t mean you have to please others to be accepted. You decide who you want to be with and what you want to live.

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