We all have been impacted one way or another (or all of them) by the pandemic in the last 2 years, and though not everything is negative, we sure need to take into consideration the impact in our education system’s infrastructure, curriculum, life & technical skills left behind and required for the decades to come.

UNESCO has published some data showing some of the impact of school closures, learning losses, and the “new-norm” teachers and students, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, are facing.


To be more resilient, equitable and inclusive, education systems must transform, leveraging technology to benefit all learners and building on the innovations and partnerships catalyzed  throughout this crisis. UNESCO

In answer to this situation, UNESCO has established GEC – Global Education Coalition, to mobilize and support learning continuity; is a platform for collaboration and exchange to protect the right to education during this unprecedented disruption and beyond.

Global Education Coalition https://en.unesco.org/covid19/educationresponse/globalcoalition

What is happening in your community? Have you seen any support from the education system, the private sector or NGO’s impacting positively the education in the years to come?

Share your ideas and thoughts… you might be the key to a brighter future! 🙂


Post Author: Jannet Rios-Derby

Jannet Rios-Derby is an accomplished woman and professional with +15 years of experience in Procurement and Supply Chain Management in various high level positions in transnational companies; as an independent consultant she "does the Tinder work" :) by matching companies to the perfect suppliers, supporting the company’s continuous improvement program or mapping a blueprint to automate procure-to-pay processes. Jannet is passionate about quality education and the future of our youth; she possesses a license in Marketing and holds a Master Degree in Finance.

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