The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your personal development.

I used to say, “ if you take care of me, I will take care of you.”

Now I say, “ I will take care of myself for you if you take care of yourself for me.”

– Jim Rohn


We all aspire to experience greatness in every area of our lives. Relationships hold a special place as it has a significant impact on our overall well-being, empowerment & fulfillment. Relationships are precious, delicate, mysterious, sophisticated, & offer a magnificent opportunity for growth.

Here are my TOP TEN ways to build positive relationships.

  1. Form the foundation – Positive relationships with others starts with honest relationships with self. Honesty helps create a solid foundation for a web of relationships.
  2. Own Yourself – To create reverence in your relationships, we must own our emotions and ourselves fully. It can be hard at times. Hence, we must create an ecosystem of reliable and trustworthy friends whom we can connect for advice, sharing, and caring.
  3. Accept & Appreciate People – When you are confident in your skin, you have a tremendous ability to accept people for who they are and appreciate them for their preferences.
  4. Support People for Their Dreams – One of the best ways to support people is to coach them for their dreams. Coaching helps people reflect profoundly and figure out a way forward with creative support. Several studies demonstrate that coaching has been successful in improving people’s confidence and openness to change.
  5. Balance & Boundaries – Good boundaries free you, and bad boundaries confine you. Setting boundaries creates a balance in relationships, which is necessary for long term partnerships. When you know your limitations, then it is possible to develop expectations in relationships. If you are facing a challenge, then ask yourself, “ If you have been direct, clear, and strong in your communication with people. ?” And then there could be times when people are unable to honor boundaries because they have something going on with their own lives that has nothing to do with you.
  6. Sense of humor – People who have a great sense of humor are likely to enjoy their relationships more. As per the lead researcher Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas, “ If you meet someone who you can laugh with, it might mean your future relationship is going to be fun and filled with good cheer.” Through a series of studies, Hall was able to build up a comprehensive picture between humor and romance. From my own experience of working with people globally, it is evident that a sense of humor does play a role in keeping the relationships alive & lofty.
  7. Feeling of a friendship – In healthy relationships, people can forge a feeling of closeness over some time. It is right for a myriad of connections. The bond between a parent and a child forms the foundation of a child’s relationship with others. Children experience themselves as to how people around them treat them; Adults learn to feel as they grow. Everyday moments provide opportunities for love, growth, self-esteem, and adventure.
  8. Conflicts can create clarity when addressed properly – As relationships exist, so does battles. Disputes can be useful and can be challenging, depending on how we approach the solution. When we know our priorities, we are better positioned to negotiate our way through the challenge.
  9. Clear the clutter – Human beings are amazing beings. We can create problems, and we can also create solutions. As we communicate and connect uniquely, it is possible to have misunderstandings rolling in relationships. The best way to clear the clutter is to take charge of its presence and conclude it with the right person.
  10. Not every relationship will be great – Make peace with the life experience that not all the relationships are going to be pleasant and peaceful. People, by nature, are very dynamic, versatile, and unique. Hence, it’s essential to know that relationships are a two-way street, and it requires respect, interest & dignity from both sides.

Taking the time to build a positive relationship with yourself and others can transform your life.

Happy Relationships!


Executive Coach and Cofounder Greenlatte, a firm committed to design and deliver leadership development training programs. A self-published author of books like “She Said,” “An Italian Dream,” and “Selfie and Fashion Sense.”Awarded as “Exceptional Women of Excellence” 2018 by Women Economic Forum. She is reachable at





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Neeraj Tyagi is an Executive Coach, Image Consultant, Workshop Leader & Cofounder Greenlatte. She helps Organization leaders fashion courage for business growth. She has won several performance awards during two decades of global career including “Women of Excellence” by women’s economic forum.

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