By Paramijt Singh

I want to travel the world! I want to have a wonderful person as my life partner!

Can the above wishes, dreams or any other thing you desire in life come true?
Yes, you can by using the Law of Attraction!
Some of the most successful people in the world believe and practice the Law of Attraction; for instance, Oprah Winfrey, who is the biggest supporter of this phenomenon. Oprah has spoken about it, saying that we all can “create our own circumstances by the choices we make; and these choices are fueled by our thoughts.”
Most probably you have watched movies or documentaries with regards to this movement. If you have not come across or if you want to have some refreshments, I would like to throw some light on it. I am sure it can help you to manifest everything and empower yourself as my own practice of it have changed my life considerably.
This law works like other laws of gravity without a distinction of caste, creed, religion, nationality, etc., and is solely based on your thoughts; e.g. you can’t see the Law of Gravity but can see its effects throughout the whole world. Like gravity, if you observe and practice the Law of Attraction closely, you can easily see it in action.
Although the concept of LOA became more popular in the 21st century, through the movie “The Secret”, spiritual gurus say the origin of its study come from many decades ago. This universal law is as old as human life. In the past, they educated people based on a very simple statement, “Like attracts like.”
It means that if you feel miserable, you will attract more miserable people and similar circumstances to your life; if you are loving and caring, you will attract more loving people and similar circumstances instead.
If we are directing our thoughts towards shortcomings and fear, we will get them for sure; but if we focus on abundance instead; no doubt, it will grow and multiply.
Because thoughts are vibrations and energy, wherever we put our energy on or focus on energy, this one will grow. Quite simple. If we focus on negative thoughts, they will expand; if we focus on positive thoughts, positive thoughts will expand too.
In other words, we create our own reality by the way we think. We are the total manifestation of all of our thoughts. Whatever we are in life is the same as we have ever dreamt of, assumed, and perceived. It has led us here. You are totally responsible for your life and you can transform your life by staying positive. So focus on positivism in all situations, and more of it will come to you.
There are three main active steps we can take to transform our lives and for manifesting our desires.
If you wish to receive something from your partner, friend, boss or family, what do you do? You ask for it, isn´t it? Unless they know what you want from them, how can they give you what you are demanding? It is the same with the universe.
Make a list and write them on a piece of paper. You can make your list as long as you want. Write your statements in present tense as if you were asking for them right now. Be specific as you used to tell your parents, the color of your favorite blouse and even the date or occasion you want it for; similarly, be specific as much as possible about details of what you are asking from the universe. Once you give your command to the Universe, it starts the creative process! Then you can move on to the next step.
As children we used to have a belief that our parents will fulfill our wish; indeed, we used to start behaving as if we were already having it. I remember that one month earlier, I asked for a toy gun for Indian Festival Diwali. I used to make an action with my hand gestures as a gun and even told my friends that I am having a gun on Diwali. How innocent our beliefs were, without even having any idea about how our parents were going to fulfill our wish and most of these occasions we used to get what we demanded.
Hence, the same innocent belief without any doubt is required to receive your needs and desires. You have to believe that whatever you are asking for, it already belongs to you. You must believe that whatever you are asking for is already with you.
You must start acting in such a way as if you were already driving your car and moving into your new house. Enjoying time with your new connection will make the universe attract whatever you desire into your life. It will create circumstances, people or events that are required for you.
When I wanted my family joins me in the UAE for staying together, it meant really difficult due to the financial challenges as well as physical ones; e.g. my daughters´ school admission and other logistics. I started visualizing that they were with me; that we were enjoying time together at the beach or going for a picnic. I still wonder how everything was done in a span of 2-3 months!
The final step of the process is to RECEIVE, that is actually to get your own way to finally get what you want. Do encourage the feeling that you have already received what you desire, and offer gratitude for receiving it. Sending good feelings or vibrations out into the Universe will give you enough power to manifest what you want into your life.
Be faithful to the universe. Have no doubt on how or when you will receive it. Your vibrations of gratitude will be certainly received. Be sure they will manifest and attract your wishes.
Once you master these three steps, you will start receiving whatever you need in order to create abundance and good relationships. Most probably you won’t even realize the action taken to complete this process, simply because it will not feel like hard work; but like an inspired action.
Hence, please start manifesting small desires by ASKING, BELIEVING and RECEIVING.
Good Luck to you!
PARAMIJT SINGH alias Bhaji (Elder Brother)
A passionate believer of human’s unlimited potential.
International Certified Life Fulfillment Coach.
Master Spirit Life Coach, NLP Trainer, and spiritual healer.
30 years of professional experience in Managerial, Administrative, Marketing,
Manufacturing, Training & Development areas.
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