By Sahar Samy

It is really hard to be a woman?

You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse!
Whoever said that, it’s true!
By start Mind Mapping every task you have, it will be easy to be a woman.
A very Successful Woman!
I will talk about my own experience as a successful working woman in the Middle East.
My name is Sahar Samy and I live in Cairo, Egypt. I used to use Mind Mapping 10 years ago, and guess how many roles am I acting every day? Like many women in the world, more than three, but what is the key to my success? I mind map my days!
I am a wife, a mother of 2 amazing children, an entrepreneur with my own business, and a Master degree student from a school located in France. I´ve been awarded as the best student; performed as a Keynote Speaker and also published a book. Currently, I am writing the second one; working as a training consultant for a Canadian company; and recently joined this amazing women movement, Guapalita!
For women, multitasking is a natural behavior and for successful people, Success happens on purpose, not by accident. As Mind Mapping trainer I can tell you this quote means the power of Mind Mapping. We simply have to plan and monitor everything. Do not concentrate on how many tasks you have.
Mind Map them and see how the magic happens.
Let’s start!
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get into work? Like most of us, you probably check your emails. What then? You probably set about immediate responding to the important ones. So, you start the day by reacting to what is in front of you! Meanwhile, this might seem to be efficient, you are actually not giving yourself time to link things together, to gather more information, to be innovative or flexible in how you respond.
To reach high levels of performance in today’s dynamic world, you need to be a proactive thinker instead of reacting to your life events. You have to create consciously the opportunities that will bring your desired future into focus. To create this desired future, firstly we have to know how our brain works.
If we stimulate the brain with the correct thinking tools, it will reward us with brilliant ideas and solutions for any kind of problems or challenges.
But the question is, how to catch our ideas correctly and immediately?
Creativity is based on new ideas. To achieve high levels of creativity you need to generate and assimilate worthwhile ideas on a consistent basis. However, first things first. How can you capture your ideas to begin with?
Catching ideas is very important to boost your learning efforts, it is a struggle to be fully in command of your creative process and to realize the value of your ideas. If you let them escape! You can lose all sorts of inspirations by failing to note your ideas down.
Hence, recording your ideas is what sets off the process that takes them from being mere fancies into tangible and feasible possibilities.
Ideally, you need to “hub” for your thoughts and ideas, and a place where they can accumulate, interact and grow is the Mind Map.
Mind Mapping is essentially a technique that supports and accelerates this “dot connecting” process, allowing us to bring new ideas together into a cohesive way. So, what exactly is a Mind Map?
A Mind Map is a visual diagram where thoughts, ideas or facts are laid out on branches around a central Image, to form an organic and connected structure. It uses lines, keywords, colors, and images according to the brain-friendly concept.
Mind Map is an activity that’s both logical and creative, engaging your brain in a much richer way for problem-solving and decision making. Note-taking using keywords draw on the qualities of your logical left cortical skills. Add the use of colors, Images and curved lines, you also stir up your creative right cortical skills.
The Mind Map was invented by the brain expert Prof. Tony Buzan in the early 1970s. While at university, he learned that conventional liner methods of taking notes and recording ideas such as lists and outlines make inefficient use of the brain’s power and can, in actual fact, be very wasteful to the thinking process.
Therefore, the mind map takes all of the most significant qualities of thinking and integrates them into its own unique structure for better performance all around.
Why Mind Mapping is linked to success?
When we use a Mind Map, we have a clear vision of what we want, how we want it and when we want it, without losing attention to any single detail. We see the whole forest! Our life is organized. Our goals are set, as well as our strategies and activities. We can follow the road onto a particular goal with more concentration, recalling information, better self-confidence, strong positive thinking, and even with clear feedback to ourselves in case of changes or mistakes. Isn’t it great to get our findings and evolve in our learning process by using this tool?
I invite you to consider the use of Mind mapping and make your own reflection about your developments.
Curious to read your experience!
Master Corporate and Mind Mapping trainer.
An expert on deploying training programs on People Management, Mind Mapping,
Communication skills, Presentation skills, Creativity and Innovation.
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